The Role of Friends and family in Educating-Socializing Children: The truth of Vietnam Nguyen Thanh Binh

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Fuzy: Vietnamese households are the initially, primary and deciding element in educating-socializing each individual. It is through families that people can find out standards, principles approved by the society. Family members are the 1st human group, which people are raised, cared for, educated and grown up. During childhood, kids live in families and learn a whole lot by watching and teaching, and know what is wrong or proper, should or perhaps shouldn't. In Vietnamese families, fathers and mothers perform the most important role in educating children. Dads symbolize cleverness, will, and family discipline to bring together children-especially kids. Mothers who also are often careful, close to kids everyday, identify and on time shape misleading, and better at bringing up children life-style. With tender and on your best behavior attitude, mothers convert, persuade and teach children to love even if they grow up. Keywords: Children, education, family, socialization, Vietnam INTRODUCTION

Each person was born twice: biological and sociable

person. Regarding biology, the birth of human is not

different from that of other pets or animals. The research of

anthropology, sociology, linguistics offers proved that if a single

baby is usually separated through the society as well as its culture, he can no more than weed in the areas or various other animals.

The changing a baby from an organic organ

to social person happens through educating-socializing.

This refers to the second birth. Inspite of being humanly

born, the child will never become human in the event he is

unfounded and entirely separated from world.

According to the renowned American sociologist, Robert

Park, Human created is certainly not already man, he simply becomes

man in educating process. In the same way, the French

sociologist, Sabran explained: Society is much like a dispatch, individuals who need to step on interpersonal ship for being social person. If

certainly not, he will nonetheless stay in the harbor" (Van, 1996).

The top position from the family education can

always be denied because it is the 1st and ongoing for each

person (Chuong, 2000; Lan, 1994; Xuan, 1997). Different

children from diverse families bear sophisticated

characteristics. The Vietnamese sayings including such

fruits, such shrub or just like father, like son and such beef, such broth is absolutely right to speak about the important position of the relatives in training and showing children. Families are

home where people are raised, looked after, educated and

mature. It really is in the households that people absorb life

experience, moral and cultural standards of communities. The

initial roots of just one personalities, hobbies and interests, attitudes towards life, etc . are formed in families (Lich, 1990). According to A. C. Macarenco what parents do for youngsters before the

age of 5 is definitely 90% in the result of training (Chuong, 2000).

Therefore , wanting children to fully develop their

character, rather than opposed with social requirements,

families must educate kids from the early age make

hay when the sun shines. What learnt inside the cradle endures

till the tomb Yet , families perform an important position not

only in the early on period of human character building

(provide social experience, rear end, look after, teach habits

and skills in the early age) but also for the whole life being a successive process because people have always to learn

tips on how to adapt to new situations and environment by which

families are definitely the link among individuals and societies.

Families take part in every one of the process of educating and

socializing in individual circle. At any period the role of

families can be clearly recognized.

At infancy, families are the first socialized

environments of the child. Right after the delivery, newlyborn

babies are inclined to the surroundings and begin the

acquisition. The senses just like ears, eyes, mouth and skin

from the child demonstrate feeling of reading,...

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