My Experience of the ISU Orchestra

Concert 3: Tchaikovsky

On the 28th April 2011 I took part with the Grand rapids state band on the last performance for the year. The orchestra included works by Tchaikovsky. The orchestra performed the 5th Symphony in At the minor. This piece is at sonata kind, which has a theme that is observed throughout the part. The overall flight of the Tchaikovsky's 5th reminds the listeners to Beethoven's 5th symphony as they had been both during the times of battle and it is illustrated in equally symphonies. This kind of piece is a best example of a Romantic-era symphony colorful, complex and first and foremost, passionately emotional.

The symphony has four movements which will consist of a quick, slow, boogie and one more fast movement. The theme of this piece is definitely heard through this piece. The initial movement is a Andante- Crescendo con anima begins using a lengthy slow introduction, coming into darkly with a funeral personality on the clarinet. In sonata form the subject enters lightly with the repetitive brevity of a Russian dance, building in intensity. The development section is pretty short and concentrated while using recapitulation sneaking in, inside the bassoons. The coda recedes into the deeps, presaging the mood from the next movement.

Following the first movement is definitely the Andante cantabile which has a young, expressive tune played by the French car horn that appears almost like a love track. But then the original theme abruptly and rudely interrupts the reverie, like we were able to break away from your troubles for a short time, this kind of theme is a reminder that individuals are still in war and this darkness is still upon all of us. This activity is in a standard ternary type with the A section in Deb major plus the B section in F# then a restatement of A section with different arrangement.

Lebepe K. |2

The 3rd movement known as the Valse: Allegro contenuto begins such as a graceful, pastoral waltz. Yet again, it feels as though our leading man has steered clear of from fate's cruel clutches....


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