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The University of Perth provides a strong dedication to project management education and seeks to extend this education commitment to the city of Geraldton. The University wants to provide the community of Geraldton with task management knowledge by possessing a 3-day conference with representation in the international project management community.

This conference will certainly enhance the University's relationship while using Geraldton community and will display their dedication to education within regional Western Sydney.

The project attract for the conference is the University's Professor Jefferson and he has engaged LC Group Asking to provide task management providers for the conference.

During the first project kick-off meeting with LC Group Consulting, Professor Jefferson has supplied the following task scope: * 3-day convention in Geraldton to be operate in Summer next year 5. Three high-quality international keynote speakers – one for each day 2. The rest of the program to be filled up with local speakers from Perth and the encircling areas * Conference assign accommodation will probably be at their particular arrangement and cost 5. A conference supper (with entertainment) to be arranged on the night time of the second day 2. Costs are to be based on a great expected attendance of 200 delegates.

This expense estimate and budget depends on the previously mentioned provided scope and the task kick off meeting held with Professor Jefferson. The approximate will indicate the above scope accurately and is based on particular project assumptions and on analysis and famous data made available to LC Group Consulting. The estimate and budget derive from the presumptions that:

* The scope with the project is restricted to that described by Teacher Jefferson 2. Costs presented reflect costs projected intended for June 2013 and assumes inflation have been built into these kinds of costs 2. The statistics utilized in preparing the estimates are accurate within just +/- 10% The estimate will indicate the WBS previously published by LC Group Consulting and fractures it up into detailed project requirements and the respective costs.

2 . Brief explanation of how data required for the estimate was collected/source The gathering and finding data just for this estimate was done with a combination of the below tactics:

2. Web site looks for detailed relevant information coming from providers * Searching the net for information that is certainly relevant in this project 5. Historical data available to LC Group Consulting from previous projects * Telephone sales and marketing communications with certain individuals or perhaps providers in this project

Data has been procured from suppliers directly positioned in Geraldton, hence this budget estimate will be quite identified and no mark up is essential as the sources have got supplied costs based on June 2013.

3. In depth list of items

WBS & Range of Item| $ Total AU

1 ) 0 Extravagance Car Hire|

Travel via Geraldton Airport to Water Centre HotelThe 8 audio system, Professor Jefferson and his two guests will need to be transported coming from Geraldton Airport terminal to Sea Centre Hotel. They will be transferred via two chauffeured luxurious sedans and costs haven’t been made available for this in Geraldton, so the estimate pertaining to the luxury car hire is based on the hire of any luxury car hire from Perth Domestic Airport terminal to Burswood Casino, a similar range for the travel in Geraldton. Costs are based on using the projected costs from Influenced by Legamo Australia (Driven by Legamo 2012). The business only has either a 1-7 seater extravagance van or 1-4 seater luxury four door for airport terminal transfers. We now have chosen to retain the services of 2 x 1-7 seater luxury van to transport the 8 loudspeakers, Professor Jefferson and his 2 guests. They will also be moved from the Water Centre Lodge back to Geraldton Airport on day of departure. Go back transfer by Airport to Hotel: $110$110 x two vehicles = $220|...

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