My spouse and i. Title: Iron-Copper (II) Chloride Reaction

II. Purpose: The objective of this lab is to observe how iron responds with a copper mineral (II) chloride solution.

3. EquipmentandReagents

Scoopcopper (II) chloride (CuCl2)

BeakerIron (Fe)

Rinse Bottlewater (H2O)

ScaleHydrogen chloride (M HCl)

Filter Paper

IV. Procedure:

1 . Get yourself a clean, dried 250 cubic centimeters beaker.

installment payments on your See tutor to obtain a deal of CuCl2 in the beaker.

3. Add approximately 60 mL of tap water to the crystals inside the beaker. Blend the mix with a a glass stirring rod until all the crystals are dissolved. some. Obtain a couple of clean, dry nails. If necessary, polish the nails with steel constructed from wool to remove any rust or protective covering. Do Not clean the nails! 5. Consider the toenails together and record all their total mass to the closest 0. 0001 g. 6th. Place the toenails in the water piping (II) chloride solution and let the system stand undisturbed for about 20 moments. 7. Pick-up the fingernails or toenails, one at a time, with a pair of crucible tongs. Using a wash jar, wash each of the reddish-brown material from the toenails into the beaker. 8. Put the nails aside on a piece of paper toweling to dry overnight. 9. Carefully decant the solution in the reddish-brown materials remaining in the beaker. Decant means to dump off the the liquid, leaving a solid behind. 12. Wash the remaining solid with about 25 mL of distilled water and decant. Repeat the washing and decanting procedure 4 or 5 instances. Be careful to drop as little in the solid as possible. 11. Following, wash the solid with about twenty-five mL of just one M HCl solution. Decant and rinse again with distilled water and decant. 12. Which has a pencil publish your labels on a part of filter daily news and mass the conventional paper to the local 0. 0001 g. 13. Set up a filtration apparatus and filtering the solid into the filtration system paper because directed by your teacher. 13. Open the wet filtration system paper and lay smooth on paper hand towel to dry immediately.

The following day time:

15. Ponder the fingernails or toenails (on precisely the same...


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