The earth has became much smaller considering that the creation of Internet, our lives continues to be moved into a brand new revolution, towards the way we communicate, by getting info and even towards the way we shop. Today, most people prefer online shopping than conventional searching. The main reason is due to its convenience. You can do shopping in just minutes without losing so much time in cashier lines and throngs of people. There are even more numerous positive aspects not only to the consumers but also for the distributors. The analysts choose the subject " Online Sales and Inventory Administration System" for Mega celebrity company the distributor of goods such as Rebisco products the industry brand name popularly known and loved by Philippine people. The key reason we went for this theme is because online stores likewise have advantages for businesses not only pertaining to the customers. Seeing that online shops is such a advertising hit today we find out that most businesses is now preparing their own on the web stores. It may save money, some even personnel.

The main goal in the researchers should be to create a system that will change the company's manual recording system for sales and inventory. Connecting that to the internet, Taking it very much closer to the shoppers by doing their particular orders in the home. Not only does it assists the customers although even the supervisor by being able to access and quickly updating the inventory status anywhere.

Background with the Study

Megastar Marketing involves tedious performs under manual computing in processing and recording business transactions. Due to this current approach to inventory program, the company features encountered several problems regarding the monitoring and stocks looking at. One of all their problems is because of their several products, the only way to keep their very own items on the right track and to keep their inventory level is through physical inventory depend and researching the records which will require lots ofd time. They spend...


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