Takenia Goodman

July 24, 2013

RC II Nine Learning Activities

REMOTE CONTROL II-1 Technology / Physical - Crushed stone Table

Age group Can be 4 to five years old.

Designed Goals


-Properties of matter

Materials and processes as well as teaching strategies


-Different in size


-Texture of sand

-Smell of fine sand


This activity is developmentally appropriate for this age group because it shows the children a lot of things such as pounds and houses of matter. It also educates the children the smell and texture from the sand. This activity permits them to use different things such as buckets their very own hands the sand and any other item they temperato want to work with. As a educator I would have the ability to facilitate the youngsters through out this kind of activity. Which gives me the chance to help the kids when needed yet won't actually be letting me do the be employed by them.

RC II-2 Language and Literacy – Story Period

Age group Is 4 to five years old.

Intended Goals



Supplies and procedures / instructing strategies



This kind of activity can be developmentally appropriate for this age group because it allows the children with their reading. In addition, it shows kids how to label things and just how labeling is used. in this activity the children will be only using a book nevertheless can include extra materials if wanted. The kids will be utilizing their fine motor skills in this activity. This activity gives the chance to recognize the children and encourage your children to keep upon reading.

RC II-3 Creative Artistry – Fine art Activity

Age group Is definitely 4 to 5 years old.

Designed Goals



Materials and processes as well as teaching tactics

-Things from the book


This activity is early childhood appropriate for this kind of age group since it teaches your children symmetry and patterns. It gives the children for you to express themselves in many different ways through art. Additionally, it gives them the opportunities to use issues from a book they when read or perhaps want to read. It helps children learn habits and it can help them figure out how to make habits. The supplies needed for this kind of activity may be anything the children want to work with such as daily news toilet paperwork roll, stuff crayons etc .. This activity is scaffold it create challenges for the children.

RC II-4 Fine Engine – Puzzles

Age group Is 5 to 5 years old.

Intended Desired goals

-Clean Up

Materials and processes / teaching strategies

-Puzzle Parts

-Puzzle Box


Puzzles will be developmentally suitable for this age group because it permits the children to work with their hands which are their particular fine motor unit skills. It offers children reasons to clean up after themselves. Children will probably be using puzzle pieces to play with chances are they will need the to clean up. This activity allows me to co-construct the children having a problem they may come across although doing the puzzle.

RC II-5 Gross Motor – Enjoy Ground

Age group Is 4 to five years old.

Meant Goals



Components and operations / instructing strategies


-Going To Play floor


Visiting the play earth is developmentally appropriate for this kind of age group as it always the youngsters to run around and work on their low motor expertise. This activity might seem as their not learning anything but they may be actually learning cooperation skills communication abilities and harmony. Tell the kids their going to the play floor they might just think their heading there to play when really their gonna work on their particular gross electric motor skills, co-operation skills and communication expertise. No materials are necessary for this activity. Just the kids and the enjoy ground is usually need but children are everyone should be open to include many other materials. This activity allows me to help the children through anything they come across while at the perform ground.

RC II-6 Self Strategy – Pretend Play

Age group Is definitely 4 to five years old.

Meant Goals...


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