Title: Suicide Among Young adults

Specific purpose: To inform my own audience on the causes in teen suicides. �

I. Introduction

A. Focus Material: It is often verified on April nineteenth, 2013 by Center intended for Disease Control that pertaining to youths between your ages of 10-24, suicide is the third leading cause of death in the usa. (Center for Disease Control: Teen Suicide Statistics, Data number 1) B. Tie to the target audience: Teenagers acquiring their own your life has always been a good idea hard to fathom from many persons, but I think you fellas would like to see teenage suicide from a complete different point of view to better understand what takes the victims of teen suicide to this kind of a point of desperation. C. Credibility material: Death is definitely one of my biggest fears, and getting someone who is indeed afraid of perishing and loosing people I possibly could never understand why someone would feel the need to take their own lives. This was a topic my brain simply never really registered but I used to be highly which teen committing suicide was a growing epidemic. Therefore i decided that we needed to understand why two things just like death and teenagers move hand in hand. D. Preview: In order to share the things i have learned regarding why regarding 4, six-hundred youths between ages of 10-24 dedicate suicide each year I will teach you three of the main triggers for teen suicide. They will include Pressure, Bullying, and in addition Depression. (Center for Disease Control: Young Suicide Stats, Chart number 2) [Transition: Let's start by discussing on of the most common issues with all senior high school and students, stress. ] 2. Body

A. Victims of teen suicide result to suicide while the only way to escape the demanding lives that they can must cope with on a regular basis (Teens, stress, and suicide: Each day in the lifestyle, pg. 1). 1 . A common day for many high school students is always to wake up in 7 was in the morning include breakfast, go out to school where they cope with the stress of turning in home work and jobs and acquiring quizzes and...

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