Pre-revolutionary Barrica was no paradisepoker for gays and lesbians. There were gay and lesbian bars where homosexual men could meet, but to be considered a maricone (faggot) was to become a social outcast.

Laws and regulations made it illegitimate to be gay and lesbian and authorities targeted homosexuals for harassment. Many homosexual men were drawn in to prostitution for largely US-based clients. Through this repressive atmosphere, homosexuality was linked to prostitution, gambling and crime.

The late 1950s Cuban Revolution improved living conditions for almost all Cuba's persons. In the 1960s and 1970s, yet , Cuban homosexuals continued to handle discrimination.

Between 1965 and late 1960s, homosexual men were incarcerated in UMAP (Military Products to Aid Production) camps where they confronted brutality and attempts to turn them in to " real" men. Homosexual men were arrested and imprisoned pertaining to soliciting love-making in public places. A few Cubans dropped their govt jobs for their homosexuality and homosexual music artists were censored.

The Public Ostentation Regulation was passed in the thirties to encourage the nuisance of homosexual people who rejected to stay in the closet. Inspite of the revolutionary procedure for re-examining outdated attitudes after 1959, the government did not repeal this rules until 1988.

In 1980, more than 100, 1000 Cubans (some counter-revolutionaries, a few petty scammers, some homosexuals) left Barrica in the Mariel boat-lift intended for the United States. People who left were described by government multimedia as homosexuals.

Throughout the 1980s, Tanque was also criticised for quarantining people who have HIV. Following much general public discussion in Cuba, the incarceration regulation was elevated in 1993 and HIV patients delight in free medical and enclosure, and total wages in the event that they're able to do a couple of work. Unlike capitalist countries where most of the people with HIV struggle to manage decent medication , all HIV patients usually received totally free, high quality medical treatment in Cuba.

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