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Dystopian Elements go Through Different Pathways That Lead to A single Final Destination. В Similar doesВ notВ always mean precisely the same. Like partners or delicious chocolate many things may begin off asВ similar, but areВ represented differently. В Just likeВ sisters who derive from the same father and mother, they may appear the same and represent similar genetic code butВ haveВ different characteristics. В In just like manner, writers use similarВ techniques but in divergentВ ways using uniqueВ characters to represent comparable ideas. В Correspondingly, in the brief stories Area by Frederic Brown and Through Thy Bounty by Lucy A. Snyder; В bothВ writersВ use the same portions of DystopiaВ andВ manage to emphasise the same areas of humanityВ throughВ different personas. В In both brief stories the heroesВ arise from the inside the Dystopia. This element of dystopia is employed in the two short testimonies, В however, В Braun andВ Snyder chooseВ protagonists with totally different characteristics. Just like, Carson, a soldier picked at random byВ a mystical organization. Carson was suckedВ into a destiny recently chosen for him, devoid of in any freedom or decision. In contrast the chef's mom was a female who willingly lost herself on her child and the rest of the people and wasВ fully aware of all the circumstances surrounding her decisions. В Ultimately, bothВ characters areВ used to showВ the fight for justice, a really controversial human being aspect. В InВ ThroughВ ThyВ Bounty, when the wedding party mother perished she stated she was ”carvingВ a combination into [her] chest”В[Snyder 111], this is certainly a metaphor comparing her mother to Christ which in turn represents the fight for justice in about to die for a greater cause. Furthermore, the chief cook also goes on the fight for justice after she understands her mother's sacrifice, this is certainly made noticeable when states, В "[T]he understanding hits me personally, and I problem myself because of not catchingВ on faster, for allowing my grief blind meВ to what my own mother provides planned”В[Snyder 111], and after this she proceeds her...


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