Do you consent or argue with the pursuing statement: Films and tv set have more unwanted side effects than results on the way young adults behave. From my viewpoint, movies and television convey more negative effects than positive effects along the way young people react. First, movies have negtive effects upon young people. There are plenty of movies made up of some chaotic and weakling scenes suggesting the apparent brotherhood, which is indeed a presentation from the will to keep interest and power that the crapule groups deal with through violent conflicts. Take the famous American film " Once upon a time in America" pertaining to an example: youngsters especially males were influented by the film and became keen to replicate the tasks in the video, beating the other kids in their class and chatting dirty. Another bad condition lies in Japanese people anime shown in films and showed on TV that may block more active, immediate involvement in real life. Because of the negtive effects of these animation, young people can gradually kind an unsocial personality. For example, several classmates of my own are crazy about seeing Japanese ludicrous anime exclusively that of unhappiness and eschatology. And they hardly go to class and even do not attend group activities, sooner or later become lonely and incommunicative. Admittedly, films and tv sets, to some extent, incorporate some positive influence on the way teenagers behave. For example , young people would have access to fress news as to what is happening around the world and most recent criticisms and comments upon international incidents. Meanwhile, younsters can also watch some discuss shows discussing jokes and funny tales which make persons relaxed. However , these substantive infomation innundating have an evident flaw. That is the way TELEVISION operates is unilateral. People tend to view what they have obtained from TV SET is always the case. But , the fact is, lots of Television shows create controversial topics of discussion just to attempt to win target audience ratings, thus, the...


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