A Study of the Spoken Language of Barrack Obama

With this study I am analysing the speech of Barrack Obama, in his Triumph Speech and his interview with David Letterman on ‘The Letterman Show'. Obama usually uses various forms of unsupported claims when he speaks, this is also show emphasis on what he's saying, in his Victory Talk he begins straight away using a tri-colon, this individual uses ‘who still' while the first two terms in three consecutive key phrases, he then anchors it around time through the use of ‘our founders' ‘our time' and ‘tonight'. This is too show that he too is familiar with everything that Americans are raised to believe in, he provides the audience listening to his every single word by simply mentioning ‘[their] founders', accumulating a sense of nationalism among the masses. Finally, he admits that that ‘tonight is [the] answer' suggesting that simply by electing him President, America will fix all their problems. In the next three paragraphs of his Victory Conversation he uses the phrase ‘It's the answer'. This kind of repetition shows to the market that Obama truly is convinced that he is the answer to America's problems. This individual also uses lots of opposites, then gives them all along with ‘Americans' exhibiting that no matter who they actually are or exactly where they come by ‘we will be, and always will probably be, the United States of America' which will brings wonderful patriotism towards the audience and by using ‘we' Obama says to America that he can just an regular man, the same as everyone else, and he really wants to make a difference. When Obama addresses very technically when he can be addressing people in his Victory Speech, there is certainly an alteration in his dialect if he is being evaluated by David Letterman. When he is speaking formally, his speech is definitely carefully planned out and is organized perfectly, although on the Letterman show, although Obama has a general idea of what he could be going to be talking about, you may still find some amazed, so there are plenty more pauses in his speech and he uses injectables such as ‘er-' and ‘um-' and also repeats words...


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