The Luncheon

by Somerset Maugham


The text under analysis belongs to the pen of William Somerset Maugham, the one of the best regarded English writers of the 20th century. Having been not only a author, but also one of the most powerful dramatist and short-story writers. He was created in Paris, france in 1874. His father and mother died when he was very young. The boy was taken away from the French university, and opted for his lessons daily for the apartment of the English clergyman at the cathedral, then he was sent to Britain to attend institution. In 1890 he gone abroad and studied with the University of Heidelberg from where he delivered to Great britain in 1892 and became a medical pupil at St Thomas's medical center in London. After that Somerset chosen to devote his life to literature. " I did not want to be a health care provider. I failed to want to be anything but a writer". The technique of the short tale had always interested Maugham. Somerset Maugham has written 24 performs, 19 books and many short tales.

At the start of the text the narrator, who is the author's mouthpiece in this article recognizes a female with who he had a lunch several years ago. Then he starts recalling that unforgettable evening: He was a young man, living in Paris and could scarcely keep human body and soul together. Your woman had read his book and had written a letter to him, expressing her wish to have with him a little luncheon for Foyot's -- a very high-priced restaurant. This individual couldn't decline a woman and invited her for lunch time. He had simply eighty francs to previous him other month. To his fear she ordered one costly dish following another. This individual paid the bill and was left with necessary at all. Yet , at the end from the story, the narrator feels that he has finally had his revenge when he sees the lady features put on a lot of pounds. � Compositionally the story declines into a few parts. The storyplot begins while using exposition, which in turn extends over the first a lot of paragraphs. At the outset of the text the narrator perceives a woman on the...


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